Monday, February 25, 2013

New Home

Hello Again

This post is for my family and friends in the East that have been asking for me to share some photo's of the house developments.

This is a layout I have created with the first photo's of the footings and the slab being laid.  "Finally the slab is down".  It only took 10 months to get started!  I was told I would be moving in by Christmas 2012 but they actually  only laid the footings on 12/12/12.

This is the view from the Alfresco into the open plan living area.   These are two sliding doors out to the Alfresco one from the lounge and the other from the kitchen.  The doorway is to the hallway down to the bedrooms and the front door.
This is the view from the lounge area.  Dad and Wolfgang are standing in the kitchen.  The door off the kitchen is to my  (very tiny) laundry and the other is down the hallway.
This photo was taken today.  The roof timbers are all done and it has been measured for the Colorbond to be custom cut and hopefully will be installed this week.The power was all run through the walls today.  The Electrical and Gas Contractors are going to be a bit annoyed though as the metre box is supposed to be relocated to the LHS of the house and probably should have been done before they hooked it all up to the box.
We have many photo's that we take each time we go but this gives you an idea of what is happening.
Will share again once things progress a little more.

Love to all.


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